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Noah Kaplan for City Council

A homegrown champion for sustainable and inclusive innovations to confront climate change, housing affordability, after-school programming, and public safety in District 10.


About Noah Kaplan for City Council

Noah Kaplan was born and raised in central Denver, attending Denver Public Schools and graduating from East High School.  Noah went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Education from Colorado State University.  He returned to DPS as a teacher in 2015, where he directed East High School’s nationally renowned speech and debate program until 2022. Noah’s leadership as an educator helped hundreds of students from many backgrounds engage with complex civic issues and civil debate, leading advancing students to the National Championship.  As a teacher, Noah learned that the classroom is a powerful laboratory for building community, and as a city councilman he aims to bring those same fundamentals to government. 

Denver's teachers often have to work multiple jobs to live in Denver. On nights and weekends, Noah worked as a freelance journalist, covering politics, the environment, and criminal justice for local publications. As a contributor, Noah developed the right questions to get to the heart of many issues facing Denver. As an educator, Noah understood the work did not stop at the school, so he began working on mental health and environment issues with Denver youth and Denver's unhoused community. 

As a resident of District 10's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Noah knows the importance of building a broad coalition of diverse opinions, abilities, and agencies to serve the district's best interests – while creating action plans to move forward on the city's most critical issues. His experience has given him a unique and local perspective, skills and passion for practical, critical, and compassionate problem solving in our most pressing sectors – Housing, Public Safety, Education,  Business Development, Mobility, and Climate.



Climate Action and Sustainable Infrastructure

Reduce Waste, Lower Emissions, Increase Efficiency

Public Safety and Policing

Investing In Training, Transparency, and Accountability


Addressing Need and Enforcing Laws by Building Coalitions and Providing Stability

Cost of Housing 

Inclusive Development For Working Families and Renters


Supporting Students, Teachers, and Families With After School Programming and Housing 


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Denver, CO 80218

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